Index - Domestic - Klára Dobrev was “very hit” by the accusations of Gergely Karácsony

At a press conference, Klára Dobrev drew attention to the fact that the Hungarian government’s recovery plan submitted to the European Union revealed that Viktor Orbán did not want to spend on panel renovations. The plan does not include a separate chapter on energy efficiency or building renovation, although real overhead reductions could be achieved through panel and condominium renovations with EU funding.

The politician also pointed out that the submitted plan does not include specific energy efficiency targets and that less than 10 percent of the available resources would be spent on building renovations and neither on panels nor condominiums. It is well known that buildings are the biggest energy eaters in Hungary. And the real overhead reduction could be these renovations, that is

comprehensive, EU-funded and non-deductible panel and condominium renovations.

The government says no to this and again tens of thousands are taken out of the pockets of the Hungarian people. Outdated buildings are less insulated and consume much more energy. If all this mattered to the Orbán government, it could reduce total energy consumption in Hungary by 16 percent.

At present, one in six Hungarian households suffers from energy poverty.

The Orbán government will not receive EU subsidies because it has also become clear to Brussels that they will be stolen, Klára Dobrev said.

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