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As we wrote earlier, Lajos Galambos was sentenced in the first instance by the court to 2 years 10 months in prison for public utility fraud. The court proceedings lasted seven years. The performer did not appear at the trial, he sought spiritual consolation at his grandmother’s grave when the verdict was announced.

The court proceedings, including the 124 days in prison, also put a strain on his family. His wife, who was acquitted by the court in a utility fraud case, had moved away from him for some time, and a few days ago the musician announced that they would be divorced after seven years. Since then, their hundreds of millions in wealth have been distributed among themselves.

According to the Central Investigating General Prosecutor’s Office, the musician was offered by the fraudsters, citing the chief prosecutor Péter Polt, during the proceedings to influence the verdict in the court case for two hundred million forints. However, Lajos Galambos did not fall for the rogues and notified the authorities. They scampered in, and after a meeting, the cops struck them down, so the gang crashed.

Galambos Lajos a Blikknek he said he did not feel safe at all now that the perpetrators had been released, especially in light of the fact that he had recently received threatening messages with his lawyer.

I had already consulted with the National Defense Service, with whom I had previously worked during the investigation, and requested a face-to-face meeting. The possibility has arisen that I am eligible for the witness protection program, which means that I am constantly being watched by investigators. I thought about taking advantage. I consulted with my kids back then, but they said they didn’t feel it was necessary. They live in Budapest, and the protection would only apply to me, so then I decided I didn’t have to. Now that I know my blackmailer is at large, I will live my days with extreme caution.

Said the musician. His lawyer, Krisztián Fröhlich, also revealed what threatening messages they had received:

There are no TV or press statements, you will break up with b * szva Lajcsi. G * ci, you get the jaws too! We’re watching Lajcs, he’s on it, and you’re a doctor. Lajcsi will say at the confrontation that he wanted it all.

The paper contacted the Central Investigating Prosecutor’s Office. It was reported that two of those suspected of involvement in bribery and other crimes were ordered to be subject to criminal supervision, which could be a house arrest or restraining order, and the third was released.

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