István Bereznay

2021.11.24. 19:49

László Mándoki sent a message to János Kóbor, promising to come home to Budapest as soon as possible to see if he could help him with anything.

The musician, who is currently touring in Los Angeles, said he was shocked and upset by the news about the condition of his fellow musician.

I respect him as a man and as a legendary musician. We’ve been on stage several times in recent decades, and I’ve had it all as a great experience. We’re touring in Los Angeles now, but as soon as we hit the next concert, I’m leaving for Budapest. I want to be there to see if I can help you with anything. […] I’m coming, Mecky, hold on!

– said László Mándoki.

Even Omega’s manager, András Trunkos, doesn’t know much about the musician’s condition, although many people, including world stars, are interested in it. In recent days, several well-known figures from the Hungarian and foreign music societies have sent a message to János Kóbor, and recently, for example, Attila Pataky also told us about his relationship with Omega’s frontman. As we wrote, János Kóbor was hospitalized on November 13th. The band’s 78-year-old frontman was transported to another institution a few days later, where he was further treated after catching the coronavirus.

(via Glance)

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