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Tétényi út 63., Etele City Center. The area has an excellent endowment in the XI. district, next to the green area of ​​Bikás park, right at the M4 metro stop. It’s a great opportunity for property developers, and now it looks like the road will open up for them in the near future as the area sales tender co-authored the XI. district and the Metropolitan Self-Government, and will be closed on November 29.

The building, which reflects the conditions before the change of regime, has had a market and smaller shops for at least fifty years. Eighty percent of the complex belongs to the capital, twenty percent (the area of ​​Burger King) is owned by the municipality of Újbuda. András Suszter, a representative of the Újbuda Civil Society, draws attention to the fact that the area is not an undivided common property, so he does not understand why it is being tendered together.

Although two people have announced the tender, no one is saying that there is no legal guarantee that, for example, the capital cannot decide on its own if the Újbuda municipality opposes anything.

So far, the nearly one hundred small entrepreneurs who lose their livelihood as soon as the new real estate investor who wins the tender has appeared have developed their business to the value of one hundred million forints. The commercial function in its current form will certainly be lost, as there can be no doubt that the two billion purchase price plus the demolition and construction work will be produced after the conversion. Although the recently opened Etele Plaza nearby has a kind of suction power, it doesn’t offer an alternative to small retirees in the area when shopping, so they will be the number one losers in the demolition.

Local civilians have collected more than six thousand signatures so far, fearing that an eight- to nine-story building could grow out of the ground at the site of the current small market. This is a realistic fear anyway, as only an office building or service center of this size can be a profitable investment. András Suszter also predicts the horror of the construction of a residential park, and the tender itself states:

in the absence of other exclusive rules, administrative, educational, educational, health, social, office, commercial, service, accommodation, cultural, community entertainment and sports purposes may be established in the zone.

The local government of Újbuda has indicated to our interest that it does not contribute to the construction of a tower block or a residential building. They argue that as a minority owner, they entered the tender precisely in order to win a veto in the capital if an aspirant won with a concept with a content contrary to the interests of the people living here.

Újbuda is full

The Defense League is still letter in early November Imre László to the Mayor of the South East, in which he writes, recalling his own words:

We fully agree and accept Mr. T.’s statement that “Újbuda is full!”

There are currently eight to nine large-scale priority real estate developments in the district, over which the local government has had no significant influence since the construction affairs were taken out of its jurisdiction. Residents in the area are rumored to have a large student hostel as part of the development. If Újbuda is really full, and both the district and the capital are run by the opposition, Suszter has no idea why he should sell a property over which the government has no control yet. In his words

Imre László himself said a few weeks ago that care must be taken during the tender, because consortia close to the government can apply. And if they get in the way, this development could easily become a major government investment.

If Imre László is so confident in the victory of the opposition in the spring, as they say, why not bid for the area after the election? – Suszter asks, adding that this area is not worth two billion forints, but several times that. The reason for the hurry, he said, is that “someone here now wants to make money out of it, not a little”.

On Monday morning, a delegation of civilians was received by Imre László. During the meeting, the representatives of the interests of the locals asked the head of the district to enforce two guarantee elements:

  1. Order a ban on changes to the municipality of Újbuda,
  2. and / or change the zoning of the site in question

None of the requests the mayor agreed to do, saying that they would tie their own hands. The district told our newspaper that the building regulations for the area are currently under review.

The wind is blowing from here

“Even with a building ban, we’re protecting urban wind tunnels where smog can leave the city in windy weather.” This is the mayor himself, Gergely Karácsony promised, and the Defense League is now calling for this commitment when it writes that the shopping center is currently a built – up area, increasing its size, weight and capacity would cause unforeseen problems in the short term in terms of air quality, heat island effect, traffic growth and parking.

Due to the recent handover of Etele Plaza, car traffic in the area has increased dramatically.

In the outdoor car park and in the areas with artificial paving lining the shopping center, the thermal island effect is already measurable, at the end of June 2021 we measured 45 degrees at the entrance to the plaza at a height of 1.2 meters above the asphalt pavement in the shade. This should definitely be avoided here.

Even with its current size, Etele City Center is located on the edge of one of Budapest’s wind canals and curbs the free flow of air. According to the Defense League, it would be unacceptable for a high-rise building complex to be built here, as it would further impair the possibility of airflow, which is still partially blocked today.

We would have wondered if what justifies it at all the sale of the complex with an annual revenue of HUF 150 million, but for this we did not get answer and XI. district government. Information on the development is expected to be provided in a public forum in December or January the district.

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