Index - Domestic - M0 weekend is not an option if you want to get somewhere fast

In the southern sector of the M0 motorway, on the Hárosi Danube Bridge, the autumn installation works of the new bridge corners will start at the planned pace, the Travel info.

On weekends, in order to carry out the work safely, traffic can travel in a lane towards the M1 motorway, in the inner lane of the opposite side. Nearly 3 km of congestion developed behind the work area, with almost an hour of extra driving time.

There are two lanes to the M5.

Progress on the M3 and M5 motorways is uninterrupted either, as on the M3 motorway, on the side towards Budapest, in the Emőd area technical rescue of a truck damaged in a previous accident began. At kilometer 135, the outer lane was closed. In addition, on the side leading to the capital, near the Kecskemét-north junction, at 75 km, the digital display boards will be repaired. The outer lane at the work area was closed by 11 a.m. and similar work will be done on the side leading to the border, after Lajosmizse, at kilometer 69, where they work between 12 and half 5, traffic is diverted to the inner lane.

Slow progress is also to be expected on Main Road 51, with two cars colliding on the bypass section of Taksony. At kilometer 26, the traffic is halfway.

It is also necessary to plan with increased travel time for those passing on the main road 44, because the railway crossing on the section between Lakitelek and Tiszaug has been closed due to renovation. Traffic is diverted along the diversion road next to the gateway.

Road builders are working on the Abony bypass on Highway 406. Until October 1

a complete roadblock has been introduced at kilometer 3, traffic is diverted to a parallel diversion road,

where you can drive on only one lane and be controlled by a traffic light.

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