MÁV installs guides and body cameras in danger

MÁV-Start is also using technical means, an awareness campaign, the help of the police and security personnel, and the use of 169 body cameras acquired since September 2019, against the attacks on its employees, the railway company announced.

The company explained that the number of abuses and strokes on the most endangered suburban trains, where the use of body cameras is mandatory, has dropped to almost zero. On the joint proposal of the companies engaged in passenger transport, the Parliament amended the Passenger Transport Act, thanks to which the recording of sound with body cameras became possible from 1 January 2022. Although the devices would have been able to do so, so far, in accordance with the law, only taking pictures with body cameras has been allowed. The amended law allows for more effective use of body camera footage, including in evidentiary proceedings, and may further reduce the number of offensive or violent acts against persons performing public duties.

MÁV also informs that it has initiated the amendment to the legislation together with several companies engaged in passenger transport. It is considered to be a very important result that, at the express suggestion of MÁV-Start, the concept of a body camera was included in the text of the law, and its operation, which also allows video and audio recording, was adopted.

They stress that this will make it much easier to prove what happened during the hassle of the passenger and the ticket examiner, what preceded the possible abuse, what was said during the events. The aim is to ensure that no such case is left without legal consequences.

All ticket inspectors will be equipped.

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