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His loved ones and friends are also worried about Karola Csűrös, who has been locked up in her home for a long time, and there are times when she is not in the mood for almost anything, writes Glance. The actress lost her husband, director Ádám Horváth, in 2019, and it has been difficult to find her place ever since.

The paper writes that Karola Csűrös has been approached several times, but instead of the actress known as Neighbor of Neighbors, a lady picked up the phone, presumably who may have been the nurse of the actress, who spoke through her:

does not wish to comment.

Erzssi Pásztor, the actress’ old girlfriend, also told Blikk about Karola Csűrös:

Sometimes they call me with what happens to Karola. I also told him he couldn’t do that without picking up the phone. If you don’t feel like chatting or don’t have a pass, you can still answer the call and then say it’s not suitable right now. Sometimes it doesn’t even pick me up, other times we talk at length, nostalgia, crying and laughing at old things.

Erzsi Pásztor said that he had offered Karola Csűrös to visit him, but he felt in his voice that he did not feel like it, so he did not force it. He also added that his girlfriend is sometimes really very upset, like when someone is depressed.

However, according to the artist, this is only for her intermittent girlfriend and hopes that they will soon recover and be able to organize a joint program again.

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