Another nerbot video has been released, this time showing how the robot program fills in Fidesz Stop Gyurcsány! Stop Mark-Zay! petition to a significant extent.

There have been several similar cases in the past, with a video in September 2020 of the robot hacking and filling out the government’s national consultation questionnaire with a mass of fake data for 25 hours. A similar incident took place this summer, with another recording showing the algorithm working, which completed roughly 3,100 national consultations over 12 hours without stopping.

The latest video shows more than three-quarters of an hour of how the robot program hacks Stop Gyurcsány! Stop Mark-Zay! petition with false information and e-mail addresses.

This petition page is even sloppier than the national consultation: not only has the CAPTSCHA not yet been set up, but it no longer verifies the authenticity of the e-mail address, so the whole thing is completely frivolous.

– the user uploading the video wrote on the Internet, adding that the number of fillings provided by Fidesz cannot be taken seriously.

At the same time, he is looking for an answer to what the purpose of the petition is at all, but there is no answer yet. The uploader points out that he used to be a Fidesz, but just ten years ago, on November 25, 2011, he turned his back on the government.


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