The Secretary of State for Health has developed a professional concept for neonatal screening for spinal muscular atrophy and provides the resources needed to implement the pilot program. In many cases, the disease is not recognized until the onset of symptoms, which makes treatment difficult. However, the disorder can be detected in a blood sample by genetic testing. Babies are already screened for this in many countries.

Scientific research has shown that the earlier you start treating the disease, the more effective it is.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources, screening for muscular atrophy in the neonatal age in Hungary could radically change the lives of people suffering from this disease, so that their treatment can begin asymptomatically, MTI wrote.

In the sample program, no extra blood has to be taken from the baby, because this pre-screening can be performed from blood droplets taken for mandatory screening, if the finding is positive, genetic counseling is provided or another blood sample is taken. According to the ministry, through the sample program, ten to fifteen babies diagnosed in one year can have a chance at a lasting and full life.

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