Index - Domestic - Only in the hall do not need a mask, parents are asked for protection

It is mandatory to wear a mask in the corridors, in the buffet, in the stairwell, in the classroom alone you do not have to cover your nose and mouth – in several high schools the new school year started with such an epidemiological rule. There are places where parents arriving at the building are asked for a security certificate, elsewhere no one but students and teachers, those working there can enter the school, with no prior permission at most, written by az

Since the beginning of the school year, it is obligatory to wear a mask in the corridors, in the atrium, in the foyers of the lecture halls, ie in virtually all rooms except the classrooms – this rule is in IX. district in Klára Leövey High School.

Physical education classes are organized so that they start later and end earlier, so that there is no tumult in the locker rooms.

Vaccination will definitely protect you from cases that require serious hospital treatment.

At the Széchenyi István Technical School in Székesfehérvár, all students have to wear a mask during breaks, a scarf or shawl is not enough. Incidentally, the institution continues to measure students’ body temperature in the morning, hand disinfection is mandatory when entering the building, and “wearing a mask to cover the mouth and nose is highly recommended during classes”.

At the Ferenc Kölcsey Reformed Practical Primary School in Debrecen, protection decides: adults (in addition to their parents, including school workers and students doing their internships) must wear a mask who do not have a protection certificate. In any case, parents can only enter the institution with prior permission.

According to the portal, a tenth student fell ill in one of the schools in Hódmezővásárhely last week, according to the newspaper, only six or seven students in his class have been vaccinated so far.

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