Index - Domestic - Péter Jakab answered János Lázár: it should be informed, not obliged and

The Index also reported that Government Commissioner János Lázár held an online meeting on the tram train on Wednesday night, where the politician received questions on several topics that were not focused on the tram.

One of the commentators later revealed that it is anti-vaccination, and that he says everyone is vaccinated with poisoning while there is no pandemic, just poisoning, and vaccination makes people crippled.

He calls us vile, sick animals who are in favor of vaccination. I believe that one is free to risk one’s own life, this is undoubtedly true, so everyone has the right to be stupid and everyone has the right to die.

János Lázár responded to the comment, concluding his thought without saying that according to him, whoever takes the vaccine will help us to get over the epidemic situation as soon as possible, and by putting this period together, it is true, we will take risks, but we will survive together.

Péter Jakab, president of Jobbik, also responded to the statement on his community side. He wrote, inter alia:

Everyone has the right to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not.

In the post, the politician urged everyone to take the vaccine, but at the same time expressed displeasure about making vaccinations mandatory.

The voter should not be qualified but informed. To inform. Authentically. Finally, give him a free choice. None of these are the strengths of Fidesz. Instead, they are obliged and stunned. Anyone who thinks differently than they do. I want to convince everyone to get vaccinated, but I wouldn’t force anyone to do it. Because everyone has the opportunity to choose freely

– said Jakab Péter.

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