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Klára Dobrev can rightly interpret that I betrayed the people who voted for Gregory Christmas in the first round, but no longer in the second. “I am deeply ashamed to have given rise to such a bad association,” said Péter Márki-Zay, the candidate for prime minister of the Everyone’s Hungary Movement in Szombathely’s main square.

The candidate for prime minister said he did not want to explain because of his statement to the ATV, he was simply ill-formulated, tired and sorry for what had happened. However, he added that according to surveys, “if I went against Orban now, we would defeat Fidesz by 7 per cent”. Unfortunately, we would lose with the candidacy of Klára Dobrev – pointed out Péter Márki-Zay.

As he said, it is clear to them that Klara Dobrev will not defeat Viktor Orbán in 2022, but DK voters think otherwise. Some people do not share this belief, they want to thank for their support, the politician added.

Both the right and the left need a candidate who can unite the two sides, as Gergely Karácsony and I did. It was not a dispute between us, it was work

– said Péter Marki-Zay.

The Prime Minister-designate also mentioned that politicians who insult him as Klara Dobrev will speak at DK events.

I believe that after so much division, love is needed in the country

The politician pointed out. He recalled that on Saturday he called on Klara Dobrev to jointly issue a statement urging voters to love and peace. The DK candidate considered this a good idea, but he backed down because of a sentence, as he wanted to include in the announcement that he also had the same chance of defeating Viktor Orbán in 2022 as the candidate of the Everyone Hungary Movement.

My religion forbids me to give my name to a lie

Péter Márki-Zay commented on what was said. He added:

Let us not try to defeat Fidesz with meanness, because it is unbeatable.

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