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Following Wednesday night’s prime ministerial debate, this time the HVG and Greenpeace have put the Democratic Coalition (DK) and the All Hungary Movement (MMM) candidates on the table to draw attention to one of the most pressing problems of our time, which, if brought to government, you will have plenty to do with Dobrev Klára or the Péter Márki-Zay led opposition formation,

and this is nothing but environmental protection.

The host of the evening, Márton Gergely, the editor-in-chief of HVG, asked the opposition candidates about what they are doing for the environment personally, as parents of several children, as a warm-up to the event, which was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the weekly and Greenpeace Hungary. (The two candidates have a total of ten children, Klára Dobrev is a mother of three and Péter Márki-Zay is raising seven children.)

Klára Dobrev said that she has always raised her children to be environmentally conscious, she is still raising the youngest. To this end, in the Gyurcsány-Dobrev household, among other things, garbage is strictly selectively collected, and the DK prime ministerial candidate has recently consciously bought only the most necessary items of clothing. While you know, as a politician, in environmental matters, for example, the responsibility is much greater than some of the clothes you don’t buy.

Péter Márki-Zay is almost a fan of selective waste collection, for example, it is very annoying when neighbors burn both clothes and rubber together with rubbish, which is extremely polluting. In addition, he described his city, Hódmezővásárhely as a real mini Netherlands, where visitors are always amazed at how much the bike is. His children also roll, and what was also a big family commitment is that the Márki-Zays no longer take the jack water, but make soda at home.

Taking on the role of politician from the parental role, it turned out that Klára Dobrev is proud that the DK certificate is the greenest in the EP, however, the party’s prime ministerial candidate in particular did not explain exactly what this means and how the honorary title was earned. . Perhaps part of this is what Klára Dobrev emphasized, that representatives of the DK will sword in favor of a sixty-five percent reduction in emissions by 2030 at the latest.

Then, in return, he threw in the much-voiced DK slogan again, saying that according to Klára Dobrev, the only solution to climate change is for the union to act in unison in this field, that is, for the creation of the United States of Europe.

There was a bit of controversy at this point, as well as a reference to Wednesday’s debate on how many and with what strokes of the candidates would reshape the current constitution, from which Márki-Zay got to the promise if he could sit in the prime minister’s velvet chair. and the Ministry of the Environment. (He doesn’t want to overwrite the Basic Law with a stroke of a pen anyway, just to be clear.)

Klára Dobrev contrasted with the fact that the problem is that the independent ministry will not be enough here, the powers of the Environmental Authority must be restored and new ones must be given to it. Especially after the DK Prime Minister-designate is convinced that these are nothing more than giving the Fidesz oligarchs a green light today. As an individual, the DK had previously submitted a climate protection package to parliament, but Fidesz immediately swept it down. This would be submitted immediately after the change of government.

“Populist” against “insensitive”?

Here, as a light-hearted little interluder, another sword-ringing ensued as to whether the pre-2010 rule was a disaster at the time, which Péter Márki-Zay thinks yes, and Klára Dobrev thinks not. The moderator of the evening tried to spare the conversation from the escaping political mud throwing by throwing the topic of Paks2 and nuclear energy, which apparently fevered and addressed the electrical engineer living in Péter Márki-Zay.

As an expert in energy, the MMM candidate explained in an impromptu presentation that nuclear energy is still the cleanest energy in terms of climate neutrality, as long as there are not enough sources of renewable, alternative energy available in Hungary. Thus, Péter Márki-Zay considers Paks 2 to be an extremely bad decision, primarily from an economic point of view, because it was given to Roszatom without any competition. That is, he has no problem with the atom itself.

However, Klára Dobrev said at this point, Paks 2 in his eyes is also an environmental disaster, so the project should be stopped immediately. He also has a problem with the atom itself, but he is optimistic about the future, when so much EU money will flow to Hungary for energy developments and renewable resources that with a smart Hungarian energy mix, it can even be achieved without the need for a nuclear power plant at all. Not thick for 1 either.

The Mátra Power Plant, attacked by both candidates, blew it up during the debate little man debate when Péter Márki-Zay essentially put the populist label on his colleague as prime minister-designate, and Klára Dobrev cut backPeter, you can’t be so insensitive! ”.

The story is short, that this time Klára Dobrev did not explain it, because she has said several times before that she wants so-called banded overhead subsidies and regime minimums, so that the lower the total income of a household, the smaller the overhead bill. Here, Klára Dobrev also made such an exact promise that the overheads of families in need should not exceed twenty percent of their total expenses. Including, for example, electricity, – water, gas bills, but even the net.

Because, as the DK Prime Minister-designate put it, the poorest should have the right to water from which soup can be cooked and cleaned. The light bulb that burns, though, is part of human dignity. Just as Klára Dobrev does not consider the idea of ​​imposing a kind of environmental multi-tax on the large multi-company that causes the most ecological damage to be populism. All this after their entire production cycle, be it elements in Europe or relocated to Asia.

At the same time, Péter Márki-Zay sees a potential source of danger in making something free, it will not be used well by consumers, and this will ultimately lead to over-consumption, which will put an unnecessary burden on the environment. The mayor of Hódmezővásárhely believes that we encourage energy awareness through prices, which is why the idea of ​​giving free energy to people raised by Klára Dobrev has failed him.

Péter Márki-Zay would directly punish those who heat in the most polluting way, that is, what they find is burned. Yes, in vain are the poorest among them. The same goes for those who don’t collect garbage selectively. All this, of course, in such a way that the MMM candidate would educate people in advance and provide them with an alternative, such as the already existing state and municipal firewood program, i.e. teaching, enlightenment, and then gradual punishment.

Environmental tips that were still thrown by Klára Dobrev during the debate:

  • the energy use of public and private buildings must be modernized;
  • major steps must also be taken to curb CO2 emissions;
  • public transport needs to be improved, including through more effective coordination of flights;
  • a junk car premium should be given so that people can replace their car.

Péter Márki-Zay rosted up the idea exchange in Dobrev by saying that they measured these on a small scale, basically all of them were implemented locally in Hódmezővásárhely, where they have already

  • free public transport;
  • long-distance buses run every hour instead of two hours;
  • windows and insulation in the segregates have been replaced to save energy.

Hungary’s strong, green opposition government?

Opposition prime ministerial candidates have already answered environmental issues during Wednesday night’s debate at the RTL Club. Then Klara Dobrev declared that the next government would be a green government. By which the government it is to be formed would earn the green signal that, among other things:

  • a panel reconstruction program would be extended to condominiums;
  • encourage passers-by to use public transport more intensively and make public transport itself more environmentally friendly;
  • and introduce so-called fair transitional support so that the poorest do not pay the price of climate steel.

Péter Márki-Zay mentioned the well-known slogan that the future will either be green or not, that is, he also wants a green government. He revealed so much detail that Bernadett Szél, an independent member of parliament, and Benedek Jávor, an MEP, are also working on a program in this area. With 14,000 people dying prematurely each year as a result of air pollution, he doesn’t think environmental measures will be unpopular.

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