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Judit Popovics, a politician in the Everyone’s Hungary Movement, posted a short Facebook post confirming what Péter Márki-Zay had said in the debate with Klára Dobrev as prime minister-designate, namely that she had been blackmailed by the Democratic Coalition.

Péter Márki-Zay was right, I was blackmailed by DK too!

– sounds the one-sentence post, which soon appeared on Péter Márki-Zay’s Facebook page.

In the discussion, the candidate for prime minister of the Everyone’s Hungary Movement said that Judit Popovics had first been promised the position of state secretary, then threatened, and then prevented from starting. Klára Dobrev said so much that Péter Márki-Zay is not telling the truth.

The topic came up in the debate after Péter Márki-Zay accused the Democratic Coalition of trying to persuade mayors to support Klara Dobrev by blackmailing them, otherwise the DK faction would overthrow them. Gergely Karácsony also spoke in the case, who said that he had a long list of politicians who had already tried to blackmail him, and Ferenc Gyurcsány was on that list. He said he would archive the SMSs about it, to which the DK president responded by making them public.

Judit Popovics: they wanted to drag my cat to the fence, then my parents would have come

Partizán managed to address Judit Popovics on Wednesday night, who said in the broadcast that in February of this year she applied for pre-election as a civilian candidate in the 1st constituency of Komárom-Esztergom county, where Erik Konczer from the south and Zita Gurmai from the MSZP also started later. . Then it happened

The Deputy Mayor of Tatabánya, Péter Lusztig, called for coffee and asked him not to run in the elections as a civilian.

According to Popovics, Lusztig told him that it would be better to focus on his family life. “He promised that if I went into this, he would be a secretary of state anywhere, etc.,” Popovics said, adding that he did not accept that.

It was after that that I was threatened with pulling my cat up the fence in the first round. [Ezután jönnek] “My parents, who are over 80, my children, and then me — obviously these were not uttered in the presence of three witnesses.

Judit Popovics said, then added that these threats could clearly be attributed to Peter Lusztig.

We discussed that I would either procrastinate or have serious problems in the future

He said to the question of whether he had really received such a threat from him. In addition, he also reported that he had already warned Lusztig that he would not be able to run in the pre-election and did not actually receive a declaration of acceptance later.

I didn’t get a chance to run in the pre-selection because I didn’t have any paperwork. I couldn’t run in the pre-selection because DK – specifically Ferenc Gyurcsány – prevented me from running.

– worded, then explained that he knew that the President of the DK had personally arranged not to receive the statement of acceptance. He said that the case followed up on the matter afterwards, and according to this, the Momentum gave him an acceptance statement, but “personally Ferenc Gyurcsány” decided that he could not start.

Márton Gulyás then asked Judit Popovics again if he maintained his claim that Péter Lusztig had threatened him with a life-threatening threat.

Not what I said. I said, on the one hand, that I was given the opportunity to become Secretary of State if I disappeared from the scene.

He said, then said that he had not received a direct life-threatening threat from Lusztig. “He said I was going to have difficulties, my parents were old, I had animals I love, I have sons, I shouldn’t go into that.”

Apparently it didn’t sound like my family would be under fire tomorrow now.

Popovich said. When asked why he had not shared all this so far, he said that he immediately indicated the problem to András Fekete-Győr, who did not say anything about it.

I don’t know what András Fekete-Győr should have done here. Nothing can be proved

– said Popovics, then finally stated that he maintains his previous statements and also considers it correct that he has not informed the public about all this so far.

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