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As previously reported, the common image of the opposition coalition, in blue, turquoise and white, has been completed. In the 2022 parliamentary elections For Hungary The association uses the Let Hungary belong to all of us! panel and the recurring element of the communication between Péter Márki-Zay, the candidate for prime minister, Just up! is. We have dealt with the unification of the opposition campaign in more detail here.

After Péter Márki-Zay’s migrant counter posters, the first campaign elements in the colors of the united opposition have recently appeared on the streets, with several slogans pointing in opposite directions:

  • Orbán goes. Overhead reduction remains!
  • Orbán goes. Independent Ministry of Health and Education is coming!
  • Fidesz privileges are going. We are all coming to Hungary!

2010 – the fall of the MSZP, the storage of Fidesz, the arrival of two new parties

The MSZP prepared for the 2010 elections as a government party with collapsed support. By this time, Ferenc Gyurcsány had resigned from the position of Prime Minister, Gordon Bajnai took his place, there was a world economic crisis, and Fidesz’s position was in the overwhelming majority in the 2008 social or tripartite referendum.

Attila Mesterházy became the candidate for Prime Minister of the Socialists, some central slogans:

  • New candidate, new program – This was typically on posters depicting Attila Mesterházy.
  • If you are afraid of your freedom, the MSZP is the choice!
  • At the end of 2009, the Socialists also introduced measure communication, it was on the posters Cheaper district heating – We reduce VAT on district heating, obsession One and a half months more money in the envelope – We will reduce income tax.

2010 brought the MSZP’s heavy defeat, the two-thirds victory of Fidesz.

It’s interesting that it is For Hungary may be familiar from the beginning of 2010, in 2011 the MSZP is Unity for Hungary used a slogan.

The radical Jobbik

Although the name is the same, the 2010 Jobbik was sharply different from the 2022 itself. The then radical right-wing party spoke about gypsy crime, and in 2009 the Hungarian Guard still existed, which was re-established that year under the name of the New Hungarian Guard Movement.

Several campaign slogans have been used:

  • Radical change! On behalf of the people
  • Judgment: 20 years for 20 years. – There was a lattice background symbolizing prison behind the text.
  • Settlement! With pure force
  • Hungary belongs to the Hungarians!

Under the leadership of Gábor Vona, they became the parliamentary party for the first time in their history, gaining 16.67 percent, barely lagging behind the MSZP.

The politics can be different?

Ecological politicization, the humanization of politics and the economy, a sustainable future, an inclusive society, renewable democracy – some of the keywords from the LMP 2010 program.

Their posters showed:

  • We think the policy may be different!
  • The politics can be different? Yes it can be! With your vote!

András Schiffer’s list leader and Gergely Karácsony’s campaign headquarters took the young party to parliament with 7.48 percent.

Old returning

The MDF, which once had more beautiful days, tried to run Lajos Bokros as head of government in 2010 and to open up in the liberal direction, with Dávid Ibolya leading the list.


  • Hungarians. Democrats. They are independent.
  • Everyone adds to Hungary. – Lajos Bokros appeared here accompanied by the job-creating inscription.
  • Only the country! – In contrast to the later winner Only Fidesz! poster holder.
  • It’s time to sober up! State dependence is curable. – The names of Fidesz, MSZP and Jobbik were on the bottles.

They failed to get into the National Assembly.

2014 is the year of the first collaboration

The first coalition was formed for the 2014 elections, between the MSZP, Together, the DK, the Dialogue and the Hungarian Liberal Party. The candidate for prime minister was Attila Mesterházy, behind him on the list with Gordon Bajnai, Ferenc Gyurcsány, Gábor Fodor and Tíme Szabó.

Was here:

  • Change of government – A chance for everyone
  • We are opening a new era – With the signature of Attila Mesterházy on the poster.
  • I need a hospital instead of a stadium!
  • Real work, real pay!
  • They are already living better. And you? Simicska-Orbán mafia government – A poster specifically for MSZP.

In 2014, Fidesz won again with confidence, gaining a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly.

More moderate Jobbik

In 2014, Jobbik tried a more moderate look, including smiling young people on the posters.

  • The future cannot be stopped
  • Let’s say we solve it
  • It is already the most popular among young people
  • The most popular opposition politician – With the photo of Gábor Vona.

The candidate for prime minister, Gábor Vona, was again in third place, five percent behind the coalition on the left.

LMP after party breakup

Beyond the party split, LMP ran for the top two on the list with András Schiffer and Bernadel Szél.

  • Reliable, pure power.
  • The past is red, the present is orange, but the future is green!
  • Do you want a clean Hungary? You can do it for now!

They landed 5.34 percent above the threshold in 2014.

2018, the third two-thirds year

Jobbik also cut for him with Gábor Vona in 2018, Hungarian public life was beyond the break-up of Viktor Orbán and Lajos Simicska, and a real poster war broke out in the streets long before the elections. Jobbik applied in 2017 a

  • You work, they steal with themed posters, they steal with Lőrinc Mészáros and Viktor Orbán in the background.
  • With a Hungarian heart, common sense, clean hands – as a program title specifically for the election campaign.
  • We will replace them with you
  • We win, you won, change of government now!

Based on the results, there was no realistic chance of a change of government, and Jobbik, who is close to 20 percent, could not approach Fidesz-KDNP.

László Botka and Gergely Karácsony

The socialist prime ministerial candidate was still László Botka in 2017, but they all started in the 2018 election with an alliance in the Dialogue led by Gergely Karácsony. László Botka made serious accusations about his resignation.

  • Let us do justice, let the rich pay – This was another slogan belonging to László Botka.
  • The alliance of change
  • Change now

Conviction of voters: 11.91 percent, third place.

Female prime ministerial candidate

For 2018, the LMP nominated Bernadett Szél as Prime Minister-designate. Wind LMP campaign with emphases such as

  • Now we’re coming
  • Let’s start a new era

The result was 7 per cent, ahead of the DK, re-entering parliament.

The Ferenc Gyurcsány succeeded

2018 was DK’s first choice where he started on his own and almost managed to miss it right away. The party had already highlighted its Europeanness, but came up with the

  • We’ll do it with Gyurcsány szlogen is.

They were able to cross the parliamentary threshold minimally, by 5.37 percent.

Trying Momentum

With the referendum initiative on the Olympics and the collection of signatures, Momentum, which exploded into public life, ran for the election on its own in 2018, with András Fekete-Győr leading the list.

  • Let’s start Hungary!
  • The plan of hope – this poster campaign response was Fidesz Serial plan campaign and ran with more subheadings, such as: We will not give our future!; Let’s build a better country together!

The breakthrough, however, had yet to wait until the 2019 EP elections, with 2018 bringing only 3 per cent to Momentum.

On the streets we could meet not only election but also national consultation posters, which we discussed in more detail here.

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