Index - Domestic - Reclaiming 20 million in damages from Ferenc Burka convicted of murder

The state is demanding one of the highest amounts of compensation ever from Ferenc Burka from Tiszadada.

The man and son were acquitted in 2006 in a 1999 murder case and received compensation for six years of innocent pre-trial detention. In 2018, however, the court found them guilty.

The Debrecen Judgment Board ordered a retrial because new evidence came to light in the case. According to the accusation, the perpetrators wanted to steal a TV antenna worth three thousand forints, which was in the uninhabited house, which the victim was entrusted with guarding. The victim disturbed the robbers who killed him.

Almost twenty years later, in 2018, Ferenc Burka was legally sentenced to 9 years and his son, Ferenc Burka Jr., to 7 years in prison.

Ferenc Burka Sr., who is still serving his prison sentence, received a payment order from the state in January this year to repay the HUF 20 million in compensation as “repayment of unjust enrichment”, the Telex.

However, according to László Zeke, the man’s lawyer, the state has already slipped out of the deadline. As he said, with the conviction of the two men in the criminal case, the possibility of a retrial in the civil lawsuit on compensation also opened up, but only within six months of the final verdict in the criminal case. As this had already expired, the defense counsel filed a counterclaim. The defender of Ferenc Burka Jr., who had already been released, could not be reached, so it is not possible to know whether he also received a payment order.

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