Index - Domestic - Roads can be walked again in Bükk

Roads closed in Bükk due to snow and fallen trees can be walked again – Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. Informed MTI in the early afternoon. On Wednesday, the rain was replaced by snow in the evening, the thickness of the snow layer later reached ten centimeters.

The road manager then immediately set about clearing the affected roads. At night, three machines also took part in the work, using about seven tons of salt.

Due to the continuous snowfall, the fallen trees, and the snowy branches hanging over the road, the experts also closed the access road to Bánkút and the section of the road connecting Miskolc – Dédestapolcsány between Mályinka and Szentlélek. By now, both roads are walkable again.

Passengers will continue to be asked by the road manager to drive with extreme caution and to be informed of the current traffic situation before departure, they added.

Earlier, we also reported that it also snowed on Kékestető on Wednesday at noon.

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