Index - Domestic - Sarolta Zalatnay: I did not receive any advantage because I signed the petition

Sarolta Zalatnay has always kept her track of politics during her career. Now, however, his opinion seems to have changed write the Glance.

The singer appeared at a Fidesz event in Érd on Saturday and signed Stop Gyurcsány! Stop Christmas! He also made a petition and then a joint photo with pro-government politicians, Csaba Dömötör and András Aradszky, members of parliament. The tabloid reached out to the singer, who expressed her views on the case.

I’ve always advertised that I don’t deal with politics. In this case, too, I was not behind political action, expressing my likes and dislikes. Here is the latter now because I have had enough of hatred. I will continue to say my opinion, whoever does not like it can go with the news of God. Fortunately, there is much more love than negative in my direction from my fans

– said the singer, then she also touched on the ten million forint state support she received from Miklós Kásler, the Minister of Human Resources, for her oeuvre concert tour.

On the other hand, it is very sad that some people have reacted to this news. I did not receive any benefit because I signed the petition. It would be nice if my signature was worth 10 million! The money is not put in my pocket, every element of the tour has to be accounted for.

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