Index - Domestic - Semmelweis University Expands Vaccination Points for Vaccination Action Week

The number of vaccination points at Semmelweis University (SE) has also been expanded for the vaccination action week starting on Monday, Attila Szabó, the university’s clinical vice-rector, told the public media on Wednesday.

Semmelweis University operates vaccination sites in three locations in the capital – the Clinic of Cardiovascular Medicine in Városmajor, the clinical block of St. Roch’s Hospital and the pediatric clinic No. I. The number of vaccination points was expanded and the vaccination station on Sándor Korányi Street was opened.

Attila Szabó said that there were 4,400 on Monday and almost 4,000 on Tuesday they were vaccinated against coronavirus at university. The majority of them (80 percent) came for the third vaccination, 10-11 percent for the first vaccination, and the rest for the second dose, he added, adding: compared to the number of vaccinations in recent weeks, the number of vaccinations given on these two days is higher than at any other time in a week.

The expert stressed that everyone is waiting, as it is never too late to get a vaccine. Attila Szabó encouraged everyone to get vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine, because the disease is much less severe among those who are vaccinated.

The vaccination action week began on Monday. Since then, soldiers as well as civilian guards have joined the initiative. National Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller said of the initiative: People heard their request and went to vaccinate themselves.

(via MTI)

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