At dawn, the sky was clouding in several places, reducing the intensity of the morning frost. But even before the clouds arrived, temperatures dropped deep in several places: Zabar, which boasts regular cold records, had a low of -9.4 degrees.

According to the National Meteorological Service, a Mediterranean cyclone will shape our weather during the day on Friday, which will cause heavy rainfall in many places, and on the back of the cyclone, colder air will flow over our western counties. and then snow.

The snow situation is rather precarious, as illustrated by the predictions of the precipitation probability of two weather models, AROME and ECMWF, where blue is snow, brown is mixed and green is rainier, and the darker it is, the more intense it is. the precipitation.

Based on these, it can be said that first in the area of ​​the western border, the state of precipitation can change to snowy rain and snow, and then during the day, wet, sticky snow can fall more and more in the western, north-western part of Transdanubia. In the afternoon and evening we can expect snow on the higher peaks of the Transdanubian Mountains and the Northern Central Mountains, and then in the late evening the precipitation zone leaves our area to the north.

The falling snow will melt in the lowlands (below 200-250 meters), so there is still a lot of uncertainty about the amount of snow expected. A 3-centimeter layer of snow may form in the western and north-western part of Transdanubia. More snow is expected in the Alpokalja area, in the Kőszeg and Sopron Mountains the expected amount of snow may exceed 10 centimeters, but in Bakony fresh snow layers may exceed 5 centimeters. So whoever wants to sled or build a snowman has to go a little higher, we can’t expect a snow cover to stay in the plains for a long time yet.

The amount of precipitation on Friday in Transdanubia and along the Danube over a large area is expected to be between 10 and 20 millimeters, in some places it may fall more, but in the east the amount of precipitation is expected to remain below 10 millimeters.

The highest daytime temperatures are usually between 1 and 9 degrees, with lower values ​​in the Northwest. By late evening, the temperature drops to between -1 and +7 degrees.

On Saturday In some of our regions, there may be less rain and temporary showers in addition to the short sunny periods, initially there may be some snow or snow in the west. Only in some places can the southeast wind pick up. During the day it is 2–12 degrees, the weather may be milder in the south and southeast.

Sunday another zone of precipitation passes over the country from west to east, mostly rain is expected, but in the west and north in the higher landscapes it will snow, and in the mountains it may temporarily snow. The wind will be strong in some places. The highest temperatures are between 3 and 13 degrees in the afternoon.

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