On Wednesday, a veil of clouds will drift over the country from the northwest and will filter the sunshine, a cumulus, sunny weather is expected in the east, there may rarely be a running shower there – read the forecast provided by the National Meteorological Service to MTI.

It will continue to expand tonight, and at the same time the high-level cloud will thicken. In the morning, the sky will be heavily cloudy in the eastern regions and elsewhere. There may be light rainfall in some places.

Even on Thursday, thicker clouds are concentrated in the Trans-Tisza region, elsewhere, in addition to the many clouds of veils and cumulus, more or less sunshine is likely. In the first half of the day, in a few places, scattered from the afternoon, a larger number of showers and thunderstorms may form in Transdanubia. From the evening, the tendency to rain will increase further. The south and south-west winds will be strong, especially in the southern counties and in the Great Plain.

The lowest night temperatures are usually between 12 and 18 degrees. Highest daytime temperatures are expected between 25 and 31 degrees on Thursday.

A warning has been issued

The National Meteorological Service issued a first-instance warning of thunderstorms to nine counties in the western half of the country on Thursday. As it is written, lightning is the primary source of danger in these counties, and in some cases wind gusts and hail can occur. Attention is drawn to the fact that due to the arrival of a cold front in the evening, the chances of thunderstorms in Northern Transdanubia increase especially.

Warning forecast for Thursday

Photo: National Meteorological Service

Warning forecast for Friday

Warning forecast for Friday

Photo: National Meteorological Service

On Friday, the thunderstorm is heading east, with the exception of five counties, there is a first-degree warning of thunderstorms everywhere. The forecast is the same: lightning is the primary source of danger, and in some cases wind gusts and hail may occur.

A warning forecast or alert issued for an area means that the weather conditions are favorable for the occurrence of the given dangerous weather event in the warned, alerted and nearby areas. Thus, warning forecasting and alerting does not guarantee the occurrence of a specific dangerous weather event at a particular point in the affected area.

– he adds on the website of the National Meteorological Service.

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