Index - Domestic - The country's Christmas tree came from Nemesvámos

On Sunday, the approximately 18-meter-high silver pine tree, which will stand as the country’s Christmas tree in Kossuth Square, was cut down and launched from Nemsvámos. The Christmas tree dotted with festive decorations can be admired from Advent to the Epiphany, writes Veszprém County news portal.

In addition to the pine that was finally selected, there were several offers for the country’s Christmas tree this year as well. The 18-meter-high silver pine was singled out, standing in the courtyard of a house in Nemesvámos until Sunday.

The tall pine, on the other hand, was judged dangerous and feared it would fall. The family regretted being cut out, so he was eventually offered a good cause.

The pine was cut down by firefighters and disaster relief personnel. Employees of the army and the police also took part in the transport to Budapest.

The pine tree has since been erected in Kossuth Square in the capital. After the tree is broken down, it will be firewood, which will be offered to those in need.

Government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi also posted an entry on her community page about the country’s Christmas tree.

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