Index - Domestic - The medical chamber calls everyone for vaccinations and hand washing

We have regretted that, even in the world, we have deceived, loud groups. We regret that some health care workers – in a way incompatible with the professional knowledge expected from their profession – spread misconceptions – read the Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK) in its communication.

As they write, in addition to the intensifying fourth wave, we have a shared responsibility to curb the spread of the coronavirus by following individual and community precautions:

The Hungarian Medical Chamber continues to support the description of the dangerous reality of the epidemic and the importance of individual and community protection. Protect yourself and your fellow human beings by asking for vaccinations, wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and washing your hands regularly! If you become infected, stay at home and seek help in time if your symptoms get worse.

The communication adds that vaccination is currently the most effective means of curbing the epidemic. Vaccines teach our immune system to protect us against an infectious disease. If they are sufficiently immune to an infectious disease in a community, the spread of the disease is reduced.

The current Hungarian Health Act stipulates that the Community interest takes precedence over individual rights and that the Commissioner for Civil Rights has taken the same position. And the threat of an epidemic creates such a situation in every democracy in the world. Let’s protect ourselves, protect our families, protect our fellow human beings

– the MOK communication concludes.

As we wrote, close it lasted again after a month Government information Gergely Gulyás and Alexandra Szentkirályi. The minister in charge of the prime minister began the briefing by saying that the fourth wave will be different from the previous three thanks to the vaccinations.


He later added that if necessary, new measures would be taken, and it could not be ruled out that the role of the protection card could continue to grow. The cabinet is doing everything it can to help vaccinate the elderly, there are still 400,000 unvaccinated people over the age of 60, and despite the campaign, there is a high rejection of vaccines among them, the minister said.

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