Index - Domestic - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is being sued for Viktor Orbán's trip to Rome

The anti-corruption organization K-Monitor filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs on the grounds that the Ministry, as an organization performing public tasks, did not disclose information about Viktor Orbán’s trip to Rome, despite submitting a public interest request.

As the organization recalls on its Facebook page, the Hungarian prime minister was picked up in Croatia by the Army’s Falcon 7X aircraft and then taken with a small delegation to Rome for the annual meeting of Catholic lawmakers.

K-Monitor recalls that the State Department should have responded to the data request within a maximum of 15 days as required by law, but the ministry did not respond at all, so the organization appealed to the court for redress.

It is also known that the prime minister’s family members, wife and son were also in Rome, so the question arose: did they arrive on the military plane as well? Bertalan Havasi answered the question of in connection with this:

during official programs, the Prime Minister always travels according to official regulations, provided by the Counter-Terrorism Center. In accordance with current practice, the costs of his family members are borne by him.

This suggests that yes, Viktor Orbán’s family members traveled to Rome with him.

K-Monitor is looking for an answer to this in court as well. He quoted the questions asked on his Facebook page in the action filed.

There have already been examples of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs releasing the required data on air travel. Bernadett Szél, an independent Member of Parliament, asked Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó for a list of non-scheduled flights, which revealed that since 2018, the portfolio leader’s travels have consumed HUF 171 million, although these are only the costs borne by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, according to Bernadett Szél, Péter Szijjártó used the aircraft of the Defense Forces during his non-scheduled trips, so it is conceivable that in addition to the foreign exchange allowance, there were also costs for the flights of the Foreign Minister.

Critics say high-ranking government officials use aircraft purchased for the Army as private jets. The suspicion may be reinforced by the recent case where a 606 Dessault Falcon machine from the Ministry of Defense, which regularly transports both the Prime Minister and members of the government, also turned up in Bordeaux, where László Kalocsai, winemaker and business partner of Lőrinc Mészáros, bought a historic a vineyard owned by its former owner years ago for six million euros (roughly 2.2 billion forints).

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