Index - Domestic - The Peace Procession sends a message to the whole of Europe, according to the organizers

According to Tamás Fricz, the Peace Procession on October 23 will send a message to the whole of Europe. The curator of the Civil Co-operation Forum (CÖF), which organizes the event, said on Sunday morning’s program of Kossuth Radio that the main message of next Saturday’s event is that many people are behind the Hungarian government defending national independence.

In the curator’s view, since the very first time, another Peace Procession is most needed now. According to him, by the overthrow of the government led by Viktor Orbán, globalist-liberal forces and financial circles would introduce a way of life that the Hungarian people reject.

Tamás Fricz added that their goal is to protect the traditional way of life, national independence, Christianity and family policy, resisting the pressure of the “global elite”.

MTI also quotes Polish journalist Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Polska in Warsaw, who said: as many as thousands of Poles could come to Budapest next week because they could not attend the March 15 celebrations due to the corona virus.

As the Index reported, another Peace March will be held on October 23, where participants will march through the sites of the 2006 police violence. László Csizmadia, the president of the CÖF, remarked in this connection: the participants of the procession victims of police violence 15 years ago are also remembered alongside their 1956 heroes.

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