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As previously reported, an educator turned to Viktor Orbán in an open letter, describing in detail exactly what living conditions he could provide for himself from the salary he received from the state. As it turned out, he can only rent a “moldy, basement hole” out of his 160,000 forint salary, but in addition to housing, he also has to tighten his belts thoroughly in the area of ​​meals, he usually only runs on empty rice or pasta.

Now another teacher has decided to guess, he said in 444.

Sara Varga wrote on her Facebook page that although she had been thinking for a long time about talking about her salary, she still felt it was time to voice the problem.

I can work as an educator because I don’t have to pay rent because of my parents. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I had to live in an apartment. I still think twice over the weekend if I should buy fruit … It is not possible to make a fair living from HUF 178,193, and it does not occur to me to save money. And here come the big questions of existential anxiety about how long I can ever live in the apartment I currently have, and if I could think of starting a family, what could I raise a child from?

– wrote the teacher, adding that his situation is not unique, this applies to all school workers, including those who have been on the field for 30 years.

He stressed that if this continues, there will be no specialist teacher, and in many places it is not even now.

A friend of mine who specializes in geography and history also teaches math in an elementary school because there is no specialist teacher. I have at least four university acquaintances and friends with whom we graduated and are already considering leaving, many no longer work as teachers

– he pointed out, noting that frozen food does not help in this situation, as he does not even run for it out of vocation.

The in-service teacher talked about receiving it regularly as a critique: “you don’t have to work in this profession. “

However, I have never heard from anyone that their child does not need a teacher (doctor / social worker / police officer / psychologist, etc.). And if these professions are really important from a social point of view, then I think it is important to raise the profile of my profession as well. Just like other problems. That as many people as possible know that one day there might be a chance for change so that there is no silence

The teacher closed his lines.

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