Index - Domestic - The Regőczi Foundation has helped more than eight hundred needy people so far

So far, 630 children orphaned or half-orphaned by the coronavirus epidemic have received a total of 140 million forints from the Regőczi Foundation, and another 177 “Covid orphans” will receive 35 million grants next week, said Anita Herczegh, chairman of the board of trustees, in Debrecen on Thursday.

Anita Herczegh met with families living in the area who had come into contact with the foundation due to the tragedy caused by the epidemic before a briefing was held at the home of Immánuel, a large church in Debrecen, MTI reported.

The chairman of the board of trustees reported that children left orphaned or half-orphaned are supported until they are 18 years old, but if they continue to study, they continue. They want to give them a monthly allowance in addition to the ambulance, for which they need to raise serious funds, he added.

Attila Fülöp, Secretary of State for Social Affairs, said the Regőczi Foundation is the noblest example of national cooperation. A number of economic and non-governmental organizations have made offers to the foundation, and the state also plays a part in this: social workers, family and child welfare services also help with their work, the secretary of state explained.

Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State for Ecclesiastical and Ethnic Relations, indicated that the six member organizations of the Charitable Council, the Hungarian Red Cross, the Reformed Charity Service, the Catholic Caritas, the Maltese Charity Service, the Baptist Charity Service and the Ecumenical Relief Organization, will also be involved in the assistance.

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