Index - Domestic - The train pushed the van in front of it hundreds of meters at Csákánydoroszló

As the Index has already reported, a car collided with a passenger train at a railway crossing in the Csákánydoroszló area around a quarter.

A 112Press According to his information, the train pushed the van in front of it for hundreds of meters, in which three road construction workers were sitting, who are involved in the construction of the M80 motorway. They immediately lost their lives in the collision.

The railway crossing is provided by a light barrier, there is no half barrier. No one was injured on the train.

A spokesman for police and disaster relief said at the scene. The passenger train pushed the wreck 400 meters in front of it. Professional firefighters from Körmend arrived on the scene, no power was needed. Firefighters helped 19 people off the train and escorted them to a safe place.

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