Index - Domestic - The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is building a church in Budapest

On the occasion of the International Eucharistic Congress, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén met with the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Blessed Sviatoslav, and agreed that the Hungarian government would provide land for the church to build churches, schools and kindergartens.

The church leader inquired about the Ukrainian community in Hungary at the deputy head of government, and then thanked the Hungarian government for its support for the Ukrainians.

At the end of the meeting, which was attended by several religious leaders, Blessed Sviatoslav and Zsolt Semjén exchanged gifts. The deputy prime minister handed over a coin commemorating the thousand years of Hungarian statehood to the church leader, who reciprocated the gesture with a book on the starvation of Ukraine, the Holodomor of 1932-1933.

Ukrinform, who reported on the meeting, adds: One of Hungary’s official minorities is the Ukrainian, which, thanks to the financial support of the Hungarian government, also has local authorities.

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