Index - Domestic - The weather will change a lot on Monday

On Saturday afternoon, in the north-eastern and eastern counties, permanently overcast, humid areas can remain, elsewhere you can expect several hours of sunshine, cloudy weather in Northern Transdanubia can occasionally be revealed. National Meteorological Service (OMSZ) from the forecast.

The northwest wind will be forecast to be accompanied by mostly strong gusts of wind, with the highest daytime temperatures mainly between 3 and 8 degrees, while in overcast landscapes it is likely to be only around freezing. By late evening, temperatures are expected to drop to between 1 and minus 7 degrees.

On Saturday night, a large area of ​​thunderstorm fog and cloud cover may be formed, while elsewhere there is a view of clear or cloudy weather. The night temperature will usually be between minus 2 and minus 8 degrees, but in the northern valleys and snowy Trans-Tisza the weather may drop to minus 10 or minus 12 degrees.

The Time frame its forecast also shows that the weather is expected to be between minus 7 and 2 degrees on Monday morning and minus 2 to 7 degrees during the day.

Earlier, the Index also reported an air pollution forecast from the National Meteorological Service, which showed that air quality in the north-east remains poor. Significant improvement or change is expected from Monday, because then

the wind first strengthens over a large area under the influence of a cold front and then intensifies into a storm.

The National Meteorological Service According to the danger signal, the north-west wind will strengthen from Sunday evening, first in Northern Transdanubia and then in the area of ​​the capital. As they write, stormy shocks can occur, especially in higher places, and ten counties are subject to first-degree warning due to dense fog.

(Cover image: Strong wind on January 25, 2021. Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi / MTI)

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