Index - Domestic - Their owner went to prison, the emus of Pécs almost starved to death

The owner of the two animals, Storm Wing and Foal, has been in prison for some time. The animals did not die just because they were fed by a neighbor. The emus have now moved to an animal shelter called Mancs Ranch in Pécs, so they are already in a safe place.

They can still be called chicks, though, as you can see, they are pretty big babies. My foal, please go a little bit

The founder of the shelter said when he was disturbed by one of the birds during the interview. He added that the birds, about 11 months old, were in very bad skin when they got in. Until then, the animals were in short supply in a small cage, where a neighbor threw food. They were brought in practically at the last minute.

They were quickly picked up by their roommates after downloading the quarantine period. They especially love to compete with the three nandu who have been living on the animal farm for a long time. For the time being, however, they have yet to regain their strength after the deprivations of recent months.

In Hungary, emus had to be captured several times last year. On one occasion, a resident of the savannah was stranded in downtown Szeged and did not cooperate with the police.


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