Index - Domestic - There is little interest in influenza vaccines in Hungary

There are far more flu vaccines available this year than last season, yet far fewer are being vaccinated. Experts fear that when the flu returns, it will hit harder than before. If we followed the WHO’s recommendations, three million Hungarians would have to be vaccinated.

I ordered half as much as in recent years. There’s enough of it, and there are those who vaccinate themselves, but interest is basically low

Said a rural GP a HVGto.

Interest in the influenza vaccine has probably declined due to the coronavirus epidemic, as it is not receiving enough attention in the wake of the pandemic. According to a GP, there are people who ask for the vaccine every year, but new patients aren’t really interested.

Since there are a lot of people with covids and respiratory diseases now, I also can’t even give it, I hope they will apply for it later.

He added.

The manufacturer of the four-component vaccine, Sanofi, believes that in the light of the vaccination data to date, it is unlikely that everyone in the risk group will apply for the vaccine. It is assumed that the flu vaccine will be enough for the flu season ahead. However, if the fourth wave of the coronavirus breaks out even more than before or the flu outbreak becomes more severe than expected, it is possible that additional doses will be needed during the autumn and winter.

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