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In recent years, there has been a staggering increase in the number of cases of gross conflict and more serious crime in Hungarian schools. One of the stories receiving the most media attention dates back to December 2019, to Jedlik Ányos Secondary School in Győr. A 17-year-old student attacked the physics teacher with a knife, who fortunately was not life-threateningly injured, but it also required another student to intervene. This was not the only time a student acted aggressively towards his teacher, the same happened in Mezőtúr and Nagykáta. The government introduced school guards back in September last year, among other things, to avoid such cases, but institutions are also fighting at the local level to avoid attacks.

In Győr, for example, at the initiative of the mayor, András Csaba Dézsi, teachers can take part in a series of trainings that can help to resolve school conflicts effectively. The training, organized by the International Education Center of the Ministry of the Interior, is unique and unprecedented, so teachers have often handled dubious situations, including those between teachers, students or parents, in a toolless, unreliable scenario. took place.

Initially, as a city leader and as a doctor, I was able to see how such communication training works, as there are also cases in healthcare that can quickly become rude without a proper strategy.

Began the Index to the mayor, who also works as a chief physician in the cardiology department.

“That’s when the idea came up that maybe educators might come in handy with some sort of verbal weapon, as that’s not taught in college. The Győr Tank District Center and the local heads of institutions also welcomed the initiative, we hope that the joint work can start as soon as possible – said András Csaba Dézsi, who said that the above-mentioned delayed case drew even more attention to the fact that these cases were should be prevented, and it is in the interest of teachers, students and parents alike.

The whole city was shocked by what happened in December 2019. The 17-year-old student attacked the teacher without any precedent, with no sign of aggression. It was up to the soul presence of another student that the event was not fatal, fortunately he kept his cold blood and disarmed his companion. Although both teachers and students received psychological help after the incident, our goal is to prevent these incidents.

Said the mayor of Győr.

Teachers in the training are divided into groups where they can practice different situations. How do you handle it when someone raises their voice and speaks ugly? What to do if someone starts aggressively towards them? How can the soul of the attacker be affected? Among other things, they can get answers to these questions.

“Aggression in many cases breeds aggression. This should be avoided and all this can be learned. If the method works, I hope the initiative will become national over time. There are already a lot of people interested – added Csaba András Dézsi.

Who helps students?

Veronika Gergó, an English-German teacher at Jedlik Ányos Secondary School, has been fighting for many years to ensure that students not only acquire lexical knowledge at school, but also learn simple relaxation techniques that help manage their tempers.

As a teacher, it’s shocking to see every day how a generation growing up in front of screens handles flesh-and-blood situations. Many students tend to be depressed, to suppress their emotions, which unfortunately often leads to harm to themselves or others. You can’t get this far

– told our newspaper Veronika Gergó, who was one of the first in the country to start a relaxation course for students, where they mainly practice stress-relieving and concentration-promoting tasks.

In addition, 36 teachers in Győr have already completed the Student Relaxation program of the Hungarian Relaxation and Symbol Therapy Association – of which the clinical psychologist Emőke Bagdy is the inherited president – in public education. This allows teachers to use a variety of relaxation techniques in class whenever they feel they can. This can be a kind of attunement at the beginning of the lesson, but a little relaxation can come in handy before or after a dissertation, not to mention if you feel that there is too much tension in the classroom.

Our student, András, also attacked my colleague with a knife. I said then that if we don’t do something about school aggression now, I don’t know what else needs to happen to get us to remember. Although this boy was an excellent student, and he really had no antecedents to his actions, I am sure that with the help of conversations and relaxations, the problem could have been detected and intervened. This case also confirmed the need for the Student Relax program more than ever

– pointed out the teacher, who is also the president of the Győr Yoga Association. According to him, the beneficial effects of regular relaxation are already tangible, teachers and students are more balanced, and the mood in the classes is much better overall.

(Cover image: Gergó Veronika)

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