Index - Domestic - This is how the Hungarian-developed nasal spray against coronavirus works

In the middle of October, the nasal spray against coronavirus, developed by virologists in Pécs, was already in the third test phase. Gábor Kemenesi, an assistant professor at the University of Pécs, called the results of the study promising so far, according to him, the drug can prevent the growth of the virus.

Ferenc Jakab, a professor at the University of Pécs (PTE), also spoke about the nasal spray being prepared on Saturday. According to the professor of virology, even if there are more or less useful products, the experimentally proven direct nasal spray against coronavirus has not yet existed.

The technology is not new, as many viruses have tried to develop a similar procedure. However, the lucky position of the stars is that in the Baranya County region, a few tens of kilometers apart, there are two laboratories where this – hopefully effective – product can be developed.

– said Jakab Ferenc a 24.huto. He also mentioned whether it is not yet known whether the Hungarian development will finally be on the market in the world, but if it reaches the production phase, it could be one hundred percent domestically developed anti-coronavirus drug.

The virologist said the drug acts as a foreign substance when it enters the human body as a medicine or injection, and can be toxic and can only be used through the nose. The substance in it covers the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and does not allow the pathogen to enter the body. So it binds to the spike proteins of the virus.

The expert said it is not up to the researchers when this becomes a product available to everyone. As he said, this slice of science only accompanies the process until the completion of animal modeling, followed by a series of clinical phases that already go beyond research laboratories.

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