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Three men suspected of killing Imre Katzenbach, a former footballer, have been arrested again by the court, the capital’s attorney general said. Tibor Ibolya did not name the victim, but based on the date of the previous arrest indicated in the text he sent and the description of the crime, these are the alleged killers of the former MTK player.

The attorney general recalled that the National Bureau of Investigation of the Standby Police was investigating the case, in which the three suspects were arrested on 13 May. The Prosecutor General’s latest motion to extend his arrest was rejected by the investigating judge and the suspects were placed under house arrest. They have now been arrested again.

The Metropolitan Court said at the May arrest that the reasonable suspicion was that the victim was an executive of a company set up by the leaders of another company to issue fictitious accounts to them.

The victim took over more than half a billion forints from the accounts of the companies he managed, but was actually controlled by the founders, in April 2009, and then went abroad. The founders commissioned an acquaintance to find the victim and bring him back to Hungary.

By the time the victim was found and brought home, he had already spent most of the money. The founders of the founding company then instructed their acquaintance to kill the victim because they feared he could testify against them in criminal proceedings against their company.

The man who undertook to organize the murder entrusted the execution to an old friend and companion of the hunter. He promised the latter that he would be able to hunt for free for the rest of his life in the area that could be tied to his client, and their third partner joined for three million forints.

The perpetrators took the victim to an outside area, where several punches were struck on the head, then placed in a pre-dug pit and covered with earth. The victim was declared dead in 2015. His earthly remains were found by the investigating authority on 22 October 2020.

The 49-year-old Lajos Sz.

The press wrote in late March 2010 about the mysterious disappearance of Imre Katzenbach, a former MTK footballer in the Eclipse case. The man lost his trace, leaving his car and personal documents behind, a few days after his birthday. The athlete was born on September 20, 1964.

The Eclipse case erupted in mid-March 2010 after the then Customs and Excise Department reported at a press conference that the case had been investigated. It was also stated at the prospectus that the name of Imre Katzenbach, 45, who was attached to Slysápi, had appeared in connection with one of the companies about two months earlier, ie about three months after his disappearance. According to the customs officers, he could be reasonably suspected of active participation in a criminal offense, as he had about half a billion forints in his bank account.

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