Index - Domestic - Video: a car disturbed young people walking on the highway

Walking on the highway seems to be spreading, which is not only forbidden, but also life-threatening, this time a small group of three young men thought that their easiest way to reach their destination was on a section of the M1 highway – Magyar Közút informs Instagram side.

According to some, today’s young people are no longer moving enough and are just addicted to the internet, this is not true of what can be seen in the recording, as a walk contributes greatly to everyday health, of course it doesn’t matter where one adores exercise. It is certain that the highway is the least ideal for practicing these types of movements.

It is suspected from the recording that the “hikers” did not embark on such a tour for the first time, because they were not only more confident on the road in the Lébény area, where they talked, mobilized, and smoked undisturbed.

Even an advancing SUV could hardly shake them out of the state of nirvana, which was only released when it hummed at them.

The special sporting activity continued all the way to the exit at kilometer 142, where they left the expressway and then crossed the overpass above the track to the other side of the track.

Their journey from the Lébény resting place to the Lébény railway station

– writes Magyar Közút in the entry.

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