• The vaccination action week is extended
  • The third vaccine is definitely a lifelong vaccine
  • It may be Christmas this year, but it requires a high vaccination

The head of government expected the action week to be a success, because although, as he put it, it is difficult to know the Hungarians, it is a serious, responsible nation.

“I was hoping that the vaccination action week would be so successful. People will always take care of their affairs in the last day or two.

He announced, “The vaccination week is so successful that it will be extended by one week. Those who missed it this week will be able to make up for it next week. ” The prime minister has revealed that most are taking the third vaccine.

He said

it was a little christmas last year because there was no vaccine, it could be a big christmas this year if people take the third vaccine

As he said, after an average of 4-6 months, the antibody to the second vaccine weakens, so some people catch the virus after two vaccinations, so the third dose of the vaccine is especially important.

There is no reason to close, Kossuth continued on the Radio. “I want to avoid all bad things, if we can stop it, we have no reason to close it, the closure is only a slowdown, the solution is vaccination,” Viktor Orbán asked people to take measures to prevent the virus so far, including mask wearing. : let everyone take the third vaccine, “we have saved the life of him who took it, let us do what is right, what is good, and this is the third vaccine.”

The interview with Kossuth Rádió also addressed the workload of defense and healthcare. “It all depends on the heroism of the doctors and nurses, they have been doing superhuman work for two years now,” the prime minister said. He recalled that measures had been taken, an unprecedented pay rise had been made, and “nurses’ pay had been raised by 70 per cent”.

He said the country is with them, the devices, the ventilators are available, there is a vaccine, there is a medicine to reduce the suffering of the patients.

According to Viktor Orbán, everything is in place so that health care does not collapse: the health care capacity in Hungary is greater than to the west of us.

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(Cover image:
Waiting for vaccination in Győr on November 22, 2021. Photo:
Csaba Krizsán / MTI)

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