Index - Domestic - Viktor Orbán's grandson can go to school for the annual gross Hungarian minimum wage

The daughter of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Ráhel Orbán, moved to Spain with her husband, István Tiborcz, and their three children. The family settled in Marbella, where the children began the school year, that is Mfor and he inquired about the costs of starting a new life.

According to the paper, real estate was bought in the luxury zone of the southern city, where the average price of detached villas ranges from 1 to 4 million euros (350 million to one billion forints), but there are also much more expensive houses that seem unattainable to the average Hungarian, but the difference is not so great. At the same time, a person well versed in the local market situation reported that the family had acquired a property worth millions of euros.

The financing of this should not be a big problem, as István Tiborcz has been on the list of the richest Hungarians for the third year in a row with his fortune of 39 billion forints.

Although the paper did not state for legal reasons which institution the eldest grandson of Viktor Orbán attends, it is possible to know that

the tuition fee is roughly 6,000 euros, or about two million forints, which is equal to the amount of the annual gross Hungarian minimum wage.

This is supplemented by an enrollment fee or deposit, which will be refunded if you do not leave the institution there during the year, but you will also have to pay extra for the extra session and meals.

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