Index - Domestic - Warm food can be used to protect animals in the cold

In the cold, it is important to line the animals, to change their water several times, and it also helps a lot to get hot food, said Erika Abai, the shelter manager of the Zalaegerszeg Thistle Animal Protection Association on the current channel of the M1.

The shelter manager said they start the day with ice breaking every morning because the water pots freeze. Therefore, the water of the animals is constantly boiled and exchanged. In addition, hot food is prepared every day: cooked meat mixed with food is given to the animals, writes MTI.

The expert recommends that all keepers, especially outdoor animals, pay attention to the animals’ water and provide them with hot food every day. Erika Abai said that in many places there is still no dog house or even a covered place, although especially in the cold it is very important to have a place where the animals can get in.

At the farm, the kennels and dog houses are lined with shavings or straw to protect the dogs from the cold. Cats are also lined with boxes, dog houses are curtained where dogs can go in to warm up. He mentioned that even in many places dogs and pregnant women are thrown out. Anyone who sees this should notify local animal rights workers immediately, he stressed.

Erika Abai said that in this case, the volunteers provide the most help. In winter, there are even more animals and more work. That’s why it means a lot to help someone get into the houses, change the water, or take them for a walk, to move the animals in the cold.

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