On Saturday, the skies in the north-eastern counties may remain mostly cloudy, and more or less sunshine is expected in the rest of the country. National Meteorological Service from the forecast.

Especially in Transdanubia there may be more clouds. The northwest wind is mostly accompanied by strong gusts of wind. The highest daytime temperatures are between 3 and 8 degrees, but in cloudy lands it is only likely to be around freezing. By late evening, the temperature drops to between minus 7 and plus 1 degrees.

Photo: National Meteorological Service

At night, fog and stratum clouds may form mainly in Western Transdanubia and Trans-Tisza, while in the rest of Hungary the sky will be clear or cloudy. Snowfall may occur on overcast areas. The wind remains weak.

The lowest night temperatures are usually between minus 8 and minus 2 degrees, but it can be colder in the northern valleys and snowy Trans-Tisza.

According to the warning forecast of the National Meteorological Service, the dense fog formed in the eastern part of the country may remain in several places during the day or be transformed into stratified clouds. In foggy areas below freezing, tin drizzle or frost formation may occur. For this reason, a first-degree warning is in effect in seven counties in the eastern part of the country because of the persistent, dense fog.


Photo: National Meteorological Service

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