Index - Domestic - We have the final permit to build the Gellert Hill Cable Car

Obstacles to the construction of the Gellérthegy cable car have been removed. THE Folk word you know that neither the capital nor the 1st district raised any objections, and the disaster management, the heritage protection and nature protection authority and the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate responsible for the area also agreed to build the funicular. According to the paper, one condition must be fulfilled by Rác Sikló Kft.

Gellért-hegyi Sikló Kft. Was founded in 2005, but went bankrupt, the investor is now called Rác Sikló Kft., 25 percent in the capital and 75 percent in private ownership. According to current plans, the entrance to the lift will be at the southeast corner of Rác Baths. A bus parking lot would have been built here, but this was not allowed by the Budavár municipality. The trail goes under Hegyalja út to the height of Orom utca, then it comes to the surface and ends at a lookout point on a bridge structure next to the lookout terrace north of the western rondelle of the Citadel. Two 52-person cabins will carry passengers.

According to the previous environmental impact study, the funicular will also be visible from the city center, significantly changing the landscape of Gellert Hill and creating a “negative landscape effect”. The World Heritage Impact Study, on the other hand, states that “the construction of the funicular will not change the silhouette of Gellért Hill and the sight of the Citadel”.

Although the environmental permit expired in 2019, the new one was finally approved after several calls for rectification from the environmental authority.

The construction permit issued in mid-November is valid until 2031.

The project, which is currently planned to cost 18-20 billion forints and may have a payback period of 17-18 years, could start in the first quarter of 2022 and be completed by the spring of 2023. We wrote about the details here.

(Cover image: Visual design of the Gellért Hill cable car Photo: Péter Pottyondy / Balázs Tóth / Zsófia Miklós / KÖZTI Zrt.)

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