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Everyone has the right to be stupid and the right to die – that’s it János Lázár said at an online meeting, despite the continuing rapid spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary. Meanwhile, a study published in Hungary was publishedon the effectiveness of vaccines. The study shows how well they protect against infection and death, broken down by vaccine type. Experts telling the Index say it will be due to a pandemic soon he will be in big trouble as well as the hospitality and hotel industries.

The leading news beyond Lajtan was that he got it European approval by Pfizer to vaccinate children aged 5 to 11 years. Fully approved by the Janssen-vakcina, which means that vaccination is no longer only allowed for emergency use. In the meantime Emergency in the Czech Republic advertised because of the epidemic.

In October this year fewer died and more were born In Hungary, as in October a year ago. The situation is not rosy, of course, because the number of deaths is thousands higher than that of newborns.

Thanks to the amnesty following Stalin’s death, the first Hungarian political prisoners were able to return home from the Gulag on November 25, 1953. That is why this day has become a Memorial Day for Hungarian political prisoners and forced laborers deported to the Soviet Union. Historian Bognár Zalán has written a great article on the subject for our newspaper.

The Index today wrote who will play it new Beatles movieben John, Paul, Ringo and George, but also what it is like art history sensationwe came across the Kieselbach exhibition.

We also explained why sports fans who are also watching finances English football is unsurpassed league. And of course we remembered the point he left a year ago about the Argentine demigod, Diego Maradona.

Among our associates a

Femina wrote about the country where the happiness is valued above all else.

Totalcar published an important article stating that in the event of a criminal incident, car onboard camera, in english, a picture of dashcam can decide everything. It turns out that it would change the international travel rulesat the European Commission.

Couch found the fivecoolest gastro giftwith which we are guaranteed to cut in with our couple this Christmas.

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