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2021.11.25. 08:11

Hypocritical, lying, bloodthirsty and hypocritical presentation. With these words, Zsolt Láng, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP faction, addressed the mayor’s amendment to the committee of inquiry into the sale of the Town Hall.

As we wrote earlier, the town hall opposition initiated an extraordinary board meeting with the mayor last week, and after that rejection submitted a motion to set up an ad hoc committee to investigate the town hall case to the November 24 ordinary meeting, which was unanimously supported by the board. The mayor justified the pressing of the yes buttons on the grounds that their decision-making was transparent and they had nothing to hide.

According to Láng, however, Gergely Karácsony is herding, because with the adopted amendment, they will not be able to map everything, ie the details raised in all the documents and audio recordings that have been published in the last three weeks.

The decision to set up a case-by-case committee shall list item by item the competences of the members:

  • is responsible for verifying the veracity of the allegations related to the utilization of the other properties of the City Hall and the Municipality of Budapest
  • examining the production and release of sound recordings, in particular with regard to possible aspects of interference in parliamentary elections
  • examination of the details of the ordering and discussion of the decision-making study prepared for the development of the Town Hall
  • to check whether an order has been issued by the capital or any of its bodies for the sale of the Town Hall to a third party
  • Did Zsolt Berki meet with any member of the current or previous city administration? What was the outcome of the meeting
  • Which properties did Berki view and acted on behalf of an interested party or applicant
  • What is the relationship between Gyula Gansperger and Fidesz and the economic actors connected to Fidesz?
  • How does the recording and collation of the sound recordings correspond to the Russian-type disinformation campaigns, and whether the conclusions to be drawn from them may be related to the possibility of intervening in the 2022 parliamentary elections?

Zsolt Láng told the Index, in particular, that the allegations made by Gordon Bajnai, the country’s former prime minister, could not be investigated, although the former politician had made very serious statements about the existence of real estate “sharks” working for brokerage commissions.

At the end of Wednesday’s general meeting, there was a suspicion again about the transformation of the backyard of the Town Hall into a community space. At that time, Zsolt Láng inquired whether the design competition for the park would be announced so that a building could fit there later, possibly after 2024. Deputy Mayor Gábor Kerpel-Fronius indicated that this announcement is already public. It turns out that the current car park would be opened to the public, customer service and cultural institutions could be located on the lower levels of the Town Hall, but the corner facing Gerlóczy Street would be left open for later development.

The operation of the committee of inquiry was constrained by a rather tight time limit, as the board had to submit its report to the table by December 15, the next meeting of the General Assembly.

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