An unusual way of campaigning was chosen by Bernadett Szél, an independent Member of Parliament. The politician Budapest VIII. began rapping in front of voters in the district, in which he encouraged voters to vote for Anettre Csordás, a representative of the Momentum, in the pre-election.

We vote for Anett Csordás,
We can trust Herett Anett

Bernadett Szél sang.

The video was originally posted by Bernadett Szél himself on his social network, where it was available for 24 hours. Later, the saved recording was recorded by Dániel Deák, XXI. Century Institute senior analyst shared his community side.

Only for those with strong nerves! This is how Bernadett Szél campaigns… I don’t know Anett Csordás, but I would definitely not thank him in his place

– the political scientist evaluated the production.

Bernadett Szél also wrote about the case on his community page, saying that it is good in politics to “bring out his true self from everyone”. According to him, Anett Csordás dedicates his whole life to children in need of care.

She and her civil society, where there are a wide variety of people from homeless activists to dedicated community builders, have invited us to do Anett’s campaign number together. As for rap, because we are in Józsefváros, not far from Szigony street, and there (also) many, many people like this genre there

The MP wrote in his post, stressing that he was not “politicizing from a driver’s car in a suit-and-tie version of a small suit”.

Do you really think that the fact that I am rapting next to Csordás is enough to incite community hatred from a constitutional lawyer to the Secretary of State of the Hungarian government? No, my friends: You are very cyclical

Said Bernadett Szél.

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