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2021.11.21. 09:19

There are many misconceptions around the world about the coronavirus and the vaccine, which experts are trying to refute with steam power.

A recent Facebook post said that if you put a half-cut potato in place of the vaccine within ten to twelve hours of leaving the vaccine and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes,

it absorbs the active substance from the body.

Miklós Rusvai, a veterinarian, commented on this, emphasizing that he was happy with this misconception, because at least those who were vaccinated would be vaccinated. Logically, this should be roughly conceived as meaning that they also want to enjoy the “privileges” of vaccinees.

A video has also been published on the Hungarian government’s Facebook page, in which doctors talk about the latest misconceptions.

One of these is the anthelmintic, which says we are vaccinated against worms with vaccines.

Of course, this is also such a new misconception. What’s the point? I don’t think we should depopulate the Earth now with vaccines, chips and other poisons. Not even hundreds of thousands die after vaccination, but Covid-19 does

Says one of the doctors.

Another belief is that a coronavirus vaccine has long-term adverse effects, such as infertility, autoimmune disease, or premature death.

These are nonsense. These vaccines are safe and only for our benefit

Another expert refuted.

It is difficult to adjust to the coronavirus and vaccines anyway, doctors, professionals, politicians pour a lot of information on people, and this information sometimes contradicts each other.

(Cover image: Attila Balázs / MTI)

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