Since there were no wage increases in many areas of the public sector in 2021, the government does not seem to be planning a comprehensive wage settlement in 2022 either, after refusing to convene the Public Sector Reconciliation Forum, said Pétern Boros, Hungarian Civil Servants, and President of the Union of Public Service Workers. Although there is plenty to talk about, the union has been pushing for three years to return to the system of civil servants and civil servants that has existed since 1992, instead of the roughly 28 different statutes and careers, but what they consider more important is a comprehensive, public sector .

Currently, out of about 600,000 employees in the public sector, about 200,000 earn an amount equal to the minimum wage, for example in culture, the social sector and health care, but there are those who are paid the guaranteed minimum wage, said Péterné Boros. That is why the union complains that, although there are plenty of people in the public sector who would be affected, they cannot represent their interests in substance, for example in negotiations on raising the minimum wage.

Although we estimate that the minimum wage seems to be rising to HUF 200,000 gross next year, it was caused by a significant labor shortage due to the artificially low wages in the public sector, which we believe is already a significant obstacle to quality care and administration. the starting fund would be the minimum wage of 200,000 net

The President emphasized. This would mean a gross wage of HUF 232 thousand, which, according to their calculations, should ideally be supplemented by a 30 per cent higher guaranteed minimum wage, and the latter by a gross minimum wage of 392 thousand graduates, which is also 30 per cent higher. Of course, the rest of the pay scale should be adapted to ensure that skilled and experienced workers do not escape the public sector, public offices, municipal offices or social care.

By now, in the public sector, earnings have fallen far short of the average wage, and vacancies can hardly be filled because, after hearing the wages offered, candidates are more likely to look for more, says Péterné Boros. The union has long complained that the projection base for the civil service pay scale has not been raised for years. Therefore, it may now be that if the allowances are not taken into account, then

essentially, the entire civil servant wage scale is covered by the 200,000 minimum wage limit.

It is true that the number of civil servants has also decreased significantly recently, but most recently, for example, due to the abolition of the status of cultural workers as civil servants and reclassified under the Labor Code, where salaries are formed through individual or collective bargaining. In addition to those working in vocational training, those working in higher education have also been transferred to the scope of the Mt. with the change of model, therefore the guarantees related to the previous public service legal relations no longer protect these workers.

Official data are requested in vain, yet based on feedback to the union, social care, for example, is estimated to have a 40 percent labor shortage. The president mentioned that he knew of a county where there were hundreds of staff shortages in government offices,

and nationwide, the number of unfilled positions is estimated at 15-20 percent.

This is a systemic error endangering the length and quality of administration, which the state, as an employer, should remedy, the President emphasized. not true. IT developments have been ongoing so far, but if those who have already been trained to use the systems introduced so far are laid off due to unacceptably low wages, we have only wasted money, the president argued. He believed the government could not hide any further by not having money for such a large wage increase.

“There’s money they want”

Péterné Boros remarked. When asked whether a strike might be planned for stronger advocacy, all he answered was that, due to labor shortages, the situation in government offices was already as if they were on strike.

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