Index - Economy - Darth Vader's rest room was built on Hármashegy

Thanks to the development on Hármashegy, one of the most modern radar networks in Europe was created, according to István Nagy. The Minister of Agriculture spoke about this in Hosszúhetény when the facility was handed over, the Ministry of Agriculture (AM) informed MTI.

István Nagy believes that agriculture is forced to face the challenges related to climate change and must also react as quickly as possible to weather situations that cause damage.

Therefore, we decided that it is necessary to build a national hail prevention system with a soil generator.

– said the Minister. He added that thanks to the full nationwide coverage of the system, it protects not only farmers from physical and material damage, but also residential buildings, real estate, vehicles, and small home gardens.

The meteorological service of the system has been based on the intellectual and IT-measurement technology background of the National Meteorological Service from the very beginning – István Nagy added. The head of the ministry said that weather radars are essential tools for performing ice mitigation meteorological tasks.

According to the announcement of the National Meteorological Service (OMSZ) on Thursday evening, it was already necessary to install a radar in the southern Hungarian region in order to serve the system properly.

They add that the OMSZ radar network, supplemented by the now handed over triple-mountain radar, will be able to ensure the even more efficient operation of the ice mitigation system.

Nine hours ago, the OMSZ also launched a prank vote on Instagram about the radar station, asking followers what was in the picture. More than sixty percent of respondents chose the option that

Darth Vader’s pantry.

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