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We wrote earlier that public transport in Budapest could be shut down in the second half of the week if the government does not pay the HUF 12 billion needed to operate it.

The government has given this amount to public transport every year since 2017, and while István Tarlós was the mayor, it arrived around August-September, but now the contract is not even there.

From November 25, the operation of public transport should be financed essentially from this money, as we have already transferred our share of HUF 108 billion.

– said Deputy Mayor Kiss Ambrus, adding that he ruled out the possibility of cancellations and hoped that the government would pay the necessary amount by Thursday, otherwise they could finance BKV with an end-of-year overdraft, informing passengers that the government blinks and does not pay its annual contribution to public transport in Budapest.

An agreement was reached between Budapest and the government in 2004, according to which the capital receives an annual subsidy. Gergely Gulyás promised Gergely Christmas after being elected mayor that the money would continue to be paid by the government.

It is true that according to Kiss Ambrus, public transport in the capital will not be stopped, if it does, BKV will still have to pay for its employees, said Gábor Naszályi, the president of the Unified Transport Trade Union.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has announced that the Ministry has already drawn up a contract ensuring the transfer of the subsidy and containing the rules for its use.


(Cover image: Kiss Ambrus on November 5, 2019. Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI)

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