Index - Economy - Gasoline tourism has started in Hungary

Due to the frozen fuel prices, petrol tourism started in Hungary. Thus, tourists from Slovakia can save up to 70 forints per liter, while Austrians can save 20-40 forints if refueling in Hungary. So whoever comes from Slovakia can save 3,500 forints on an average 50-liter full tank. Anyone who comes to Hungary from Austria can spend less than a thousand to two thousand forints on refueling.

It has been noticeable in recent days that cars with Slovak registration plates stop to refuel more often than before. Gasoline and diesel are also more expensive there. They take the opportunity to shop cheaper here

Said one of the service station operators RTL Klub newscast.

The Hungarian government announced on November 11 that it would freeze the increase in gasoline prices for three months from November 15. The detailed rules were later published in the Magyar Közlöny, in which the price of petrol and diesel was fixed at HUF 480. The regulation also states that petrol stations that do not comply with the rules may be subject to fines and closures.

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