Index - Economy - Putin: we do not use gas as a geopolitical weapon

The price of natural gas continues to rise. The November futures price of the energy carrier went up by almost 8 percent on Thursday morning, and the quotation exceeded one hundred euros.

Markets do not seem reassured that Vladimir Putin spoke at a conference in Moscow yesterday that if Europeans ask for more gas, then, despite the difficulties, the Russians will be able to do so.

The Russian president noted that anyway, they do not use gas as a geopolitical weapon to achieve their interests.

Putin added that allowing Nord Stream 2 could significantly alleviate the European gas crisis, but the project faces bureaucratic obstacles, written by a portfolio.

The management of Bohemia Energy, the largest alternative energy supplier in the fallen Czech Republic, explained the unexpected move by the extraordinary rise in world energy prices. A significant increase in gas prices has been announced in Prague,

The European Commission has put forward a package of measures to mitigate the effects of drastically rising gas and electricity prices on residential consumers and SMEs.

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